Trondheim University Hospital recommends use of saliva samples in primary care

On July 21, 2023, St. Olavs Hospital (University Hospital of Trondheim) released a completed validation study with recommendation for the transition from use of nasopharyngeal swabs to saliva samples collected with SalivaPOD™ and Copan UTM® for routine diagnostic use in PCR detection of respiratory viruses.

The report can be viewed and downloaded in Norwegian and English.


In the interview below, Andreas Christensen, M.D PhD, Senior Physician at the Laboratory Centre, St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim, tells about their experiences with saliva samples and results from a recently published validation report – in which a comparison was made between nasopharyngeal swab samples and saliva samples taken with SalivaPOD (paired samples Day 1 and Day 2).

Based on the results of the validation, St. Olav’s Hospital decided in July 2023 to recommend SalivaPOD-based diagnostics for all viral respiratory infections in the primary care service.