SalivaPOD™ Saliva Collection

When Sampling Time, Capacity and Patient Compliance Counts

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Premium STRAW-based saliva sampling device delivering low viscosity samples

Standardizes saliva collection for delivery of optimal assay performance in lab processing 

Low variance in saliva-to-preservative ratio due to controlled and precise titration of optimal volume of saliva

The closed system transfer to preservative tube eliminates risk of cross contamination and false test results, thus also reducing contamination from saliva into laboratories

Substantial improvement of patient convenience, compared to funnel based systems


Next generation vacuum syringes

Hub Pick-Up. Hybrid. Lock

Aspiration. Needle control. One-handed.

A tribute to simplicity

- pushing boundaries for connectivity

Disconnect dry. FlowStop™. Always.

Avoid unintended fluid spill. Every time.

Disconnect and stop fluid flow concomitantly.
Reduce hub contamination risks.
Reduce medication cross-contamination.
Reduce accidental wet vascular access dressings.
Reduce laundry and cleaning cost.
Reduce exposure of medical environment to harmful medication.


CTRL. Eliminate spill. Once and for all.

Full flow in tube when open.
FlowStop when closed.
CTRL Switch regulates flow from 0%-to-100%-to-0%
Minimal form factor.
Always strong disconnection torque.

SteriDock™ - one hand

Connect again and again. Freedom to flow.

Aseptic. Superior work flow. Patient safe.
Excellent for central line injections.
Superior in interventional ultrasound procedures.
Avoid medication spill from ampoules.


Heavily invested global IPR portfolio

Almost 70 patents (granted and pending).
Continuously broadening IPR portfolio.
Patent life ranging from 2033 to 2039.

We create smart medtech systems for smart healthcare professionals and improve patient care.

Excellence through simplicity is our code. We are brave, curious and dedicated. We simply care.