New Luer-Jack® Patent Granted – New Generation of Luer Medical Syringes

The Intellectual Property Office in the United Kingdom has granted approval for a second family of patents surrounding the Luer-Jack® technology. The patent was published on the 27th of May 2015 and is ConceptoMed’s third granted patent in a large and growing patent family.

Luer-Jack® – the New Generation of Luer Medical Syringes

Luer-Jack® is fully compatible with the traditional “luer” and “luer lock” standard for medical syringes and connections. The revolutionary Luer-Jack® is unique through the provision of Precise Disconnection Power PDP™.

PDP™ represents advantages in many ways:

  • Prevention of needlestick injuries through OneHand non-recapping needle procedures
  • Aseptic healthcare services by reducing risk of cross-contamination of micro critical aseptic parts of billions of procedures in the healthcare space
  • Increased operator control and patient safety during needle and catheter procedures

– The second UK patent granted for Luer-Jack™ fits perfectly into the master plan of IP processes being executed around Luer-Jack®. Our family of soon 30 patents is growing rapidly and will support partnerships and optimization of product portfolios around the Luer Connection of the 21st century, says CEO Christian Mide.