ConceptoMed announces Supply Agreement with Becton, Dickinson & Company

ConceptoMed is pleased to announce that it has reached a supply agreement with Becton, Dickinson & Company (BD) – a leading global medical technology company. ConceptoMed will use the different BD syringes in their production of Luer-Jack® – the new generation of medical syringes.

The syringes from BD meet all requirements for upcoming CE- and FDA-approval. ConceptoMed expect to launch Luer-Jack® into European markets before year-end 2015. Luer-Jack® will be commercialized as single packed units – and combined into different applicable custom procedure packs and procedure kits from manufacturers in selected clinical fields, where Luer-Jack® will support Best Practice Procedures.

– A premium product like the Luer-Jack® deserves to be supported by components of high quality and high reliability. BD is a worldwide trusted manufacturer of such high quality medical supplies, and the supply agreement is a sturdy step on the road to establishing Luer-Jack® as a new generation of medical syringes, says CEO of ConceptoMed, Christian Mide.

Luer-Jack® from ConceptoMed is fully compatible with the female “luer slip” and “luer lock” global standard for medical syringes and connections. The patent protected and revolutionary Luer-Jack® is unique, providing Precise Disconnection Power PDP™.

Luer-Jack® PDP™ represents advantages for patients and healthcare professionals in many ways:

  • Prevention of needlestick injuries through OneHand non-recapping needle procedures
  • Aseptic healthcare services by reducing risk of cross-contamination of micro critical aseptic parts
  • Increased operator control and patient safety during needle and catheter placement procedures