Our Team

The ConceptoMed Team is always striving to achieve the best possible result. We have high expectations and commit strongly to each other, our customers and patients. Our core values curious, brave, caring and dedicated describe the entire organization.


Curiosity became one of the key success factors from the early beginning. MD Christian Mide had a medical need while treating a patient, and became curious about how to solve the problem. Curious is still the leading word for us in Research & Development as well as innovation efforts.


In ConceptoMed we have an unconventional and brave approach to explore safer and smarter ways to perform medical procedures. We listen and take into consideration input from each other and we highly value external feedback.


We care about each other, the customer and the patient. By operating honestly, with integrity and treating each other with respect, we have established a friendly atmosphere and an attractive working environment that stimulate creativity, collaboration and a high degree of service.


Humbled by the responsibility for development and manufacture of medical equipment, we deliver safe products of high quality, which fully meet global requirements. The team is dedicated and highly qualified with broad experience. We believe that hard work pays off.