A comprehensive proprietary strategy is the base for our innovative portfolio and pipeline. This includes trademarks, patents and design protection to sustain a global market presence.

We have the following products on the market.


The Luer-Jack is a new and unique medical syringe facilitating safer conditions for performing medical procedures.

Safer, faster – efficiently non-touch!

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myShield is an award winning medical tool for use during phlebotomy, fixation of IV ports, minor surgery and wound care on arms.

Engaging graphics offer distraction while the child avoids being exposed to the view of wounds, needles and blood.

myShield is intended for both private and professional use.

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ConceptoMed is constantly searching for and exploring new business opportunities in accordance with excellence through simplicity. We work to increase the product portfolio around existing technology like Luer-Jack and myShield but also pursue new product areas with substantial potential for improved patient safety and compliance in healthcare.