A tribute to simplicity

- pushing boundaries for connectivity

Connect, disconnect & FlowStop™

Avoid unintended fluid spill. Every time.

Disconnect and stop fluid flow concomitantly.
Reduce medication cross-contamination.
Reduce accidental wet vascular access dressings.
Reduce laundry and cleaning cost.
Reduce exposure of medical environment to harmful medication.

Connect, disconnect & FlowStop™

First ever. Release jammed connections. Always.

Reduce fluid waste.
Strong disconnection torque.
Built-in one-handed operation.
Positive and negative pressure applications.

ThorQ™ Control

Negative Pressure. Positive Pressure. Flow control.

Always strong disconnection torque.
Built-in one-handed flow regulation and disconnection.
Ideal for vacuum aspiration excellence.

ThorQ™ Mini

Easy. Always.

Minimal form factor.
Optional integration of FlowStop™.
Always strong disconnection torque.

ErgoJack™ Control

Simply ergonomic.

Optional integration of FlowStop™.

SteriJack™ - infection prevention

Intuitive. Haptic. Audible. To the next level.

One-handed simple ‘click’ disconnection.
Superior air & scale visibility.
Non-rotation disconnection of screw-fit hubs.
Compatible with female slip and lock hubs.
Reduce risk of injection contamination and needlestick injuries.
ISO-80369 chapters -6 & -7.

SteriJack™ Hybrid

Push-fit lock.

Latch onto female lock hubs.
Non-rotation, one-handed lock-connection.
Alternative to male slip tips.

ISO-80369 family

Ergonomic. Intuitive.

SteriDock™ - one hand

Connect again and again. Freedom to flow.

Aseptic. Superior work flow. Patient safe.
Excellent for central line injections.
Superior in interventional ultrasound procedures.
Avoid medication spill from ampoules.

Helping hands

Non-touch hub connection. Efficiency.

Avoid touching critical key parts.
Aseptic. Patient safe. Economic.
– portfolio in development –

Your life - simplified

Ergonomy. Loyalty to the core.

Ergonomic access and storage.
Low environmental footprint.
Reduce re-use of needles.
Branded re-usable “Shell”.
“Nespresso” business model potential.
94% of focus group diabetic interviewees preferred Ecofine™
over conventional pen needle packaging.

ABG sampling made easy

Faster. Safer. All in one.

One-handed operation. All the way to needle disposal.
Reduce time from sampling to analysis.
Continuous compression of artery post-needle-extraction.

Prefilled syringes *

SteriJack prefilled syringes

Combine prefilled medication and hub disinfection.
Fewer parts.
Aseptic work flow.

* Not yet disclosed in the public domain

KeySafe™ *

Patient safety first. End-to-end solution. From pharma to safe patient injection.

Eliminate human error of misconnecting.
Eliminate medication draw vial vacuum challenges.
Reduce need for expensive disposable accessories.
Reduce time spent for medication draw.
Improve aseptic work-flow.

* Not yet disclosed in the public domain


Heavily invested global IPR portfolio

Almost 70 patents (granted and pending).
Continuously broadening IPR portfolio.
Patent life ranging from 2033 to 2039.

A world of opportunities

Differentiate yourself. Product pull-through.

Grow portfolios from proprietary technology.
Into excellent product combinations.
Achieving lasting customer loyalty.
And clinical excellence.

We create smart medtech systems for smart healthcare professionals and improve patient care.

Excellence through simplicity is our code. We are brave, curious and dedicated. We simply care.